A small open-source operating system for deeply-embedded computer systems.

Hubris is an operating system for microcontrollers developed by Oxide Computer Company. We also have a blog post announcing Hubris on the Oxide blog.

Hubris provides preemptive multitasking, memory isolation between separately-compiled components, the ability to isolate crashing drivers and restart them without affecting the rest of the system, and flexible inter-component messaging that eliminates the need for most syscalls — in about 2000 lines of Rust. The Hubris debugger, Humility, allows us to walk up to a running system and inspect the interaction of all tasks, or capture a dump for offline debugging.

However, Hubris may be more interesting for what it doesn't have. There are no operations for creating or destroying tasks at runtime, no dynamic resource allocation, no driver code running in privileged mode, and no C code in the system. This removes, by construction, a lot of the attack surface normally present in similar systems.

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